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head office

Fyning Copse

Rogate, Petersfield

GU31 5DH



UK +44 1730821424

US +1415307723

kitchens for living in

‘I really want only two things…I want a real kitchen, and I want to die under the stars’

- James Salter

the johnny grey difference

Many kitchens look a little generic. Even when bespoke they are mostly pre-made units.


Ours aren't. We make furniture, one-off and by hand, for functionality, longevity, individuality, colour, variety and charm. 

in the workshop

all over the house

latest from johnny grey


little grey cells

Even after 40 years or so of designing kitchens he is as enthusiastic about advancing the art as ever and continues to push both manufacturers and other designers to consider influences way beyond the furniture.

knives – go east


Most of us have far too many knives, often blunt, cluttering up our drawers and knife blocks. If on the other hand you own just one or two razor-sharp knives of distinctive quality your cooking will be transformed...



Johnny's in the Times. In this feature he reveals his key influences and favourite architect. No surprises, he favours maximalism.

clean air

Air pollution is way worse than we knew even a short time ago. Our kitchen in  particular expose us to a heavy toll of dangerous particulates...

bespoke britain


"When I first started designing kitchens, I came at it from a very different angle,’ says Johnny Grey".

wall street journal

Johnny Grey Studios is features in the Wall Street Journal: 'No longer just for homework and cooking...'