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lighting in shelving

all over the house

not just kitchens

In a hardworking house all rooms must perform to demand. With good design needed in every room, our expertise extends beyond the kitchen. Our team works to transform spatial layouts, eliminate unnecessary corridors, manage micro-spaces, create garden living areas and inventive structures.


We believe that the Johnny Grey Studios’ principles of design work everywhere.

bespoke tile design
Pool House in Cambridge

This timber-built garden pavilion housing a pool and recreational kitchen connects seamlessly with the outdoors. With glass walls that minimize inside-outside borders, the building’s interior is a harmonious blend of cutting edge design, craftsmanship and natural greenery.

With relating buildings to their immediate outside surroundings one of our clients’ top priorities, Johnny collaborates regularly with landscape architects to devise the best possible ways of bringing interior design and gardens together. Here with Kim Wilkie we designed a wooden walkway through birch trees to link the kitchen and the pool house. 

Poolhouse exterior
pool house kitchen
Bar and dining room cabinet
dining room design

A key part of enjoying life in the kitchen is to be able to eat in style but also to sit together in casual, unexpected ways. Open plan works well but needs to have clarity of purpose. Here a separate area for dining still feels connected to the kitchen. This is achieved with a balanced mix of freestanding cupboards and built-in elements to separate the spaces. Materials that add warmth include Sensatile, which reflects light in dynamic ways. Here it is in a drinks cupboard that acts as a wall screen, allowing for glimpses into the soft-seating area.

outdoor poolhouse kitchen

In this project we opened up a dark outbuilding to create a multipurpose outdoor room for use as a dining area, games room, gym and home pub. It is a fun space with a new pizza oven, an indoor barbecue grill and Peroni on tap.
With skylights and sliding doors, garden and pool house become one in the summer.

bar island
shell design
utility room design

utility room

utility room storage

For maximum efficiency in the kitchen a separate room for laundry works best if possible, freeing up kitchen space and keeping noise down. Good planning is essential in laundry rooms as space is often tight with a number of machines and functions accommodated. In this house the family wanted to clean and store riding gear and store household tools and, eg, light bulbs, as well as food supplies and baskets for the their five dogs. We built a range of cupboards and drawers to keep the room tidy and fully functional.

Office table design

the office

The trend towards a more domestic atmosphere in office design, particularly in work zones at home or in garden buildings, is best expressed by furnishing them with freestanding pieces as you would a living room or kitchen. We design desks, credenzas, bookcases, tables and welcoming counters. We coordinate whole office spaces together to make them well planned places to work. By custom designing we can create any height, length and scale of furniture using a huge range of woods or other materials, including black oak, cast glass, Makassar ebony and hand crafted stainless steel. 

Office conference table
office design
outdoor pizza oven
making pizza
partially hidden outdoor kitchen

A kitchen outpost in a wooded part of the garden, this is a magical spot to spend evenings outside and host pizza parties.
The project brought a new part of the garden into play through re-landscaping and building a decking area around a partially hidden outdoor kitchen. The aim was to blend any building work with the landscape by using natural materials. The oven is made from cob (a mixture of clay, sand and sawdust). Shell art by Blott Kerr-Wilson creates a grotto effect around it. 

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