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Country house - property landscape

home visit

No two homes are laid out identically so each project is a one-off. We employ only trained designers and architects who begin every assignment with a fresh eye. There may be a small fee for this first visit, depending on how close your house is to one of our studios. It will be refunded if you go ahead with a design proposal.

Initially you will most likely receive a visit from Johnny in person. He will brainstorm design options with you, taking a view on how best to maximise your kitchen space.

Kitchen design sketch

design proposal and development

Unlike other kitchen companies we don’t have a pre-designed line of furniture. All our projects begin with a design proposal. These creative documents combine your own requirements and personal tastes with our vision and expertise. They include a cost estimate for your project.


Once we receive go-ahead to we work closely with you to assemble the team responsible for bringing your kitchen into being. We will collaborate with architects, interior designers and building contractors already employed on your home renovations. Alternatively we are happy to provide these services from within our organisation. In addition we recommend experts when requested, such as engineers, garden or lighting designers, other building professionals and we then develop the scheme, presenting a number of concepts for your

consideration. These will be brought together into a final design covering the interior, architecture and any relevant building elements. This typically takes between four to eight weeks.

Kitchen project drawing

final design

The final presentation consists of interior design scheme plans built on a CAD platform used by consultants, builders and any others working on the project. This covers sections and elevations of each item of furniture, costings for every aspect of the project, material samples and a programme of works.


We bring much of this information together in a 3D visual by artist Richard Lee since we have found clients appreciate a fully imagined interpretation showing exactly how the space will feel to live in.

inside a workshop

go-ahead and manufacture

Once you press the button we liaise with architects, builders and everybody involved in implementing the design. We agree on a time scale, issue drawings and flag up any issues that need resolution.

Our design team, headed up by Robert Burkiewicz, produces detailed production drawings which we ask you to sign off before manufacturing begins.


We work with a small number of high quality custom workshops. From these woodworkers are chosen to best suit the needs of your particular scheme. We then assemble a wider team for your project, taking full responsibility for coordinating all artisanal input. This includes high spec metal engineering for gantries and specialist extraction systems and blacksmith-forged handles. We have ceramicists who custom-make tiles using traditional techniques like lustreware, that can be shaped to fit around the details of the space. Our stone craftsmen carve countertops, or you can opt for one in poured concrete. Engineers are often involved in the making of multilevel countertops to guarantee their structural performance. 


We pay attention to energy conservation in essential and imaginative ways, from greener appliance and solar and air heating systems to creating well-insulated spaces and installing wood burning stoves. Natural finishes and eco-sourced timber are a given.

John Lennox - delivery & Installation

delivery and installation

Johnny Grey professionals fit and install your furniture. This superb team is led by John Lennox, who has 20 years experience. Johnny Grey Studios will also supply your own contractor with manufacture and service drawings. It is normal for us to work closely with building contractors. Once the site is checked for readiness to receive our furniture, we oversee delivery.


Our team installs the cabinetry within approximately two to four weeks depending on the complexity and scale of the project. When countertops and appliances are in place we return for any fine tuning needed until your kitchen is as perfect as you would expect.

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