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contemporary kitchen island design

Five mile island

Contemporary custom kitchen design

The core of this family kitchen is an ultimate central island. Built for pleasurable cooking, it flexibly accommodates a wide range of other activities. Inspired by a semi-professional cooking station in a front-of-house restaurant location, it has two satellite ends. One is primarily for social use, the other for food preparation, though crucially both ends can perform either function. Each end segment’s height adjusting rise-and-fall mechanism lets children do their homework in comfort. At the touch of a button it transforms into a party bar for serving food and drinks.  


A generous window seat merges into a picture window onto the garden. There’s a desk and an ‘appliance garage’ for housing a range of cookery machines and small appliances. The specially built kitchen extension makes space for two annexes, one for baking, the second a large storage pantry and larder. To ensure smooth movement in this generously sized room, we shaped the sink run in a long flowing curve that bends into the baking pantry and even offers a display platform for fresh loaves.


Innovative space planning brings scope to move furniture around for an occasional new look in the space. A variety of high-performance surfaces gives extra character to the furniture. Lighting is designed to enhance the atmosphere, particularly at night.

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