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The dolphin

Unique custom designed kitchen

The guiding aim of this project was to loosen up the feel of the kitchen by mixing materials and shapes.  Key is the curved bar – the shape of a diving dolphin - that supports the chopping block while pivoting from a pillar. With this swivelling movement the Plexwood (thin wooden strips strongly bonded) and aluminium horizontal surface meets all sorts of needs. It can be a breakfast bar, a servery or a drinks bar. Light to move, a pad underneath polishes the floor as it sweeps.


Looking into the kitchen, the sink cabinet is flanked by two aluminium wings, the architecture working sympathetically with the cabinetry to provide a framed experience. This arrangement conceals behind it a walk-in pantry, keeping the kitchen relatively free from storage cupboards. There is plenty of room for a generous seating area and a big family table.

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