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‘I really want only two things…I want a real kitchen, and I want to die under the stars’

- James Salter

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Many kitchens look a little generic. Even when bespoke they are mostly pre-made units.


Ours aren't. We make furniture, one-off and by hand, for functionality, longevity, individuality, colour, variety and charm. 

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what will the kitchen of the future look like?

Lulu Grimes, managing editor of BBC Good Food has written a guest blog based on her interview with Johnny. Here are his 3 key insights: In food media, we talk about food trends from ingredients to gadgets all the time, but we rarely touch on kitchens or, more specifically, kitchen functionality."

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These are kitchen spaces for people beyond the nuclear family to come together to cook and eat. We see them as a blend of home kitchen, café, village hall and pub. 

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trekstock sanctuary room


JGS has been involved in a new kind of project designing a retreat room for young adult cancer patients at UCL Hospital. 


financial times editorial

Every kitchen has to have a sweet spot,” says Johnny Grey. “And this is it.” The sweet spot in question belongs to a kitchen in Richmond. 

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bespoke britain


"When I first started designing kitchens, I came at it from a very different angle,’ says Johnny Grey".

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kitchens without limits


Johnny, Peter Gore and his team at the National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA) and Newcastle University have been working for the last five years on developing kitchens.