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‘I really want only two things…I want a real kitchen, and I want to die under the stars’

- James Salter

the johnny grey difference

Many kitchens look a little generic. Even when bespoke they are mostly pre-made units.


Ours aren't. We make furniture, one-off and by hand, for functionality, longevity, individuality, colour, variety and charm. 

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A dinner kitchen party reborn

When I first saw the pictures I had a doubletake. This was a kitchen I designed 18

years ago that had morphed into something new. I blinked a few times and read the

email title. It became clear. The kitchen had literally been lifted to a new site...

new 15.jpg

latest project: highgate

The core of this family kitchen is an ultimate central island. Built for pleasurable cooking, it flexibly accommodates a wide range of other activities. Inspired by a...

Picture 3.png

trekstock sanctuary room


JGS has been involved in a new kind of project designing a retreat room for young adult cancer patients at UCL Hospital. 


multigenerational kitchens: bringing life into the hearth of our homes

A trip to Milan in the 80s and the design collective Memphis served as inspiration for my design philosophy…


cosmic circles

Maggie and Charles Jenck’s circular kitchen in their Cosmic House in Holland Park was a project I worked on in around 1980...

Essential kitchen.jpg

what will the kitchen of the future look like?

Lulu Grimes, managing editor of BBC Good Food has written a guest blog based on her interview with Johnny.