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The Johnny Grey difference

At Johnny Grey Studios we specialize in crafting bespoke kitchens that seamlessly blend architecture and interior design with comfortable living. Collaborating closely with clients, their architects and interior designers, we bring kitchen dreams into being, all within the constraints of a designated home space. From innovative concepts and ergonomic layouts to sustainable materials, we infuse each project with personality and high-level craftsmanship. 
Our custom approach ensures that every kitchen project is not only visually stunning but tailored to our clients’ lifestyle, fostering social interaction and culinary inspiration.

Each project fits into the furnishing style and architectural integrity of the house, often also connecting to the garden. To experience the difference of our personal touch compared with the more standardised offering by other kitchen companies, please scroll through our projects and news pages.

Our philosophy and thoughtful response to current issues mean our designs will last for many years to come without the need for change. Let us transform your kitchen into a truly sustainable architectural masterpiece.

‘I really want only two things…I want a real kitchen, and I want to die under the stars’

- James Salter

Many kitchens look a little generic. Even when bespoke they are mostly pre-made units.


Ours aren't. At Johnny Grey Studios, we make furniture, one-off and by hand, for functionality, longevity, individuality, colour, variety and charm. 

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