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Johnny on Radio Soho as William Sitwell's guest - live. News stories, a cool video.

Johnny on Radio Soho as William Sitwell's guest - live. News stories, a cool video.

William Sitwell, editor of Waitrose Kitchen invited Johnny on his Soho Radio. Tune in... www.mixcloud.com/sohoradio/biting-talk-with-william-sitwell-200115


Video of recent projects: Cambridge pool house


Irish Times article: an end to identikit kitchens!  Kitchens are not just labs for cooking - they need personality

Houzz article: kitchen of the week in Richmond (see our UK Portfolio)

Beautiful Kitchens Sourcebook: enjoy working in your kitchen - with soft geometry

Interior Design Today: an intuitive way with kitchens. (Scroll down to page 66)

Grand Designs: talking about woods (page 123)

KBB magazine: organic curves

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Everyone into the kitchen

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Everyone into the kitchen

Link to Jane Margolies' article 31st July the New York Times

Welcome NYT readers to Johnny Grey Studios – where we campaign for more exciting, more relevant kitchen design – and then make it happen.  Kitchens are recreational spaces. Eye contact while you cook we do as basic; our planning allows for you to ‘flow’ around kitchen with easy body movement. Want to view your food properly after it’s cooked and is ready for serving? We always include a long food bar, a key part of the design. Like to chat while you cook? We provide perching points at strategic places.

We build kitchens throughout America - with offices on the East and West Coast, as well as all over the world, (see our portfolio pages drop down menu).

f you love cooking, enjoy entertaining, want to eat outside and like the idea your garden being part of your kitchen you have arrived at the right place.

To contact our UK office  call 011 44 1730 821 424

why should sabres have all the fun?

why should sabres have all the fun?

Is your kitchen a bit on the dark side? Our Light Dresser - launched three years ago - was born out of that problem. This is both a large lampshade and traditional dresser that provides stylish open storage.

With the inspiration and help of designers Light IQ we have added a light spectrum to help reduce seasonal affected disorder, known as SAD syndrome. So you can switch on and light up your mood.

Check out our light dresser;


Katrina Burroughs 'Freestanding and flexible kitchens can be put together fairly inexpensively, but they are also the focus of bespoke makers, design-artists such as Johnny Grey who specialises in living spaces in which you cook. A kitchen island in the shape of a shoe? A family food preparation area complete with a children's workbench? Nothing simpler for Professor Grey, the man to be the recipient of the first tranche of my winnings'.

For enquiries please use our contact email or phone the studio on 01730 821424.

Sandor Katz Masterclass in our clients Hampshire kitchen

Sandor Katz Masterclass in our clients Hampshire kitchen

Johnny writes:

Sandor Katz turned on a tremendous performance. Four hours of condensed thinking, from the history to the origins and current use of wild and homemade fermented foods. We learnt everything from how to make sourdough starters to kefir, cheese and milk products to the principles of alcohol fermentation. After a great lunch provided by Australian chef and food writer, Monique Lane, we had a hands on workshop making sauerkraut. We could not have had a better guide than Sandor, whose knowledge of this transformative 'invisible realm' of food and drink is second to none. And we could not have had better hosts than Roy and Janine Naismith, the owners of a now, eight year old, Johnny Grey kitchen.

Twitter users can dip into this culture by buying The Art of Fermentation or Wild Fermentation (the book I am currently reading) or following Sandor (@sandorkraut), a man described by Michael Pollen in Cooked as the 'Johnny Appleseed of fermentation, a fiftyish writer, advocate, and itinerant teacher'.

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