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In this series of talks I’m speaking about a new idea, the kitchen instinct.  I believe that without realising it we are hard wired to making personal spaces around food and cooking. This is not just an activity for the décor-obsessed but something everyone participates in. My talks look at the instincts and emotional needs behind home making - from sanctuary, creativity, art, cooking to sociability, the desire to make things and seek out style and moods for happy living. I translate these into specific design ideas and ask the audience to join the conversation. The aim is to escape cookie cutter designs and over-used wall hugging counters. Ugh! Liberation for everyone involved in making kitchens!


Birmingham 8 October UK Construction Week 2015

1pm. Kitchen Hall.  1pm.  Talk on Kitchen Instinct: an enigma of history, happiness and future design opportunities.

2pm. Panel discussion: Making the 21st century kitchen; the center of the social home. Participants include Vanessa Brady, SBID president; Darren Morgan;  Gary Baker, Corian CD; Diane Berry and Robert Grace, artist/designer.


Seattle 15 October: NKBA,  contact: carolinej@otmseattle.com

Portland  20 October: NKBA, contact Rhonda; rhondaknoche@gmail.com

Scottsdale, Arizona 22-25 October. Bond Custom Events America’s cutting edge residential architects discuss design.  Contact Ed Orange, eo@bondevents.com

Houston  26 October: At Allied Stone Houston. Tel 713.581.9300

LA  28 October:  At Famostile showroom. Sponsored by Dacor.  Contact Pat, pchesebro@dacor.com.

Smart Kitchen Summit, Seattle, 3 November. Organised by Michael Wolf

For further information contact Barbara@johnnygrey.com

Recent Media

Recent Media

Financial Times article: 'Home kitchens reliving the 70's swing.' 'Graphic prints, bold colours and unusual textures are back, with a 21st-century twist.

Sunday Times piece on Felix Dennis: 'Pinball and pinups in Felix's house of fun'.

Country Life interior design inside stories released May 6th. Hawkhurst Kitchen featured.

Recent news and press

Recent news and press

Now on the newstand - our Richmond kitchen (see Portfolio/UK) is featured in KBB Review in the April issue. It is shown on the front cover, as we show above.

Recent editorial.

William Sitwell, editor of Waitrose Kitchen invited Johnny on his Soho Radio. Tune in... www.mixcloud.com/sohoradio/biting-talk-with-william-sitwell-200115

http://www.adelto.co.uk/a-living-space-in-which-you-swim-cook-and-eat-by-johnny-grey/ Out of the box thinking.

Video of recent projects: Cambridge Pool House

http://www.decoist.com/2015-01-07/hand-crafted-kitchens-johnny-grey-studios/  Out of the box thinking

Irish Times article: an end to identikit kitchens!  Kitchens are not just labs for cooking - they need personality

Houzz article: kitchen of the week in Richmond (see our UK Portfolio)

Beautiful Kitchens Sourcebook: enjoy working in your kitchen - with soft geometry

Interior Design Today: an intuitive way with kitchens. (Scroll down to page 66)

Grand Designs: talking about woods (page 123)

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Everyone into the kitchen

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Everyone into the kitchen

Link to Jane Margolies' article 31st July the New York Times

Welcome NYT readers to Johnny Grey Studios – where we campaign for more exciting, more relevant kitchen design – and then make it happen.  Kitchens are recreational spaces. Eye contact while you cook we do as basic; our planning allows for you to ‘flow’ around kitchen with easy body movement. Want to view your food properly after it’s cooked and is ready for serving? We always include a long food bar, a key part of the design. Like to chat while you cook? We provide perching points at strategic places.

We build kitchens throughout America - with offices on the East and West Coast, as well as all over the world, (see our portfolio pages drop down menu).

f you love cooking, enjoy entertaining, want to eat outside and like the idea your garden being part of your kitchen you have arrived at the right place.

To contact our UK office  call 011 44 1730 821 424

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