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Kitchen re-design

Reinvent, respect, refresh

Repurposing a high end, luxury kitchen


We built this kitchen near Hampstead Heath twenty years ago. One year ago we sat down together and discussed a goal for renewal. The clients wanted a new welcoming point, an innovative induction cooking system from TPB that is hidden below the counter some additional wall storage. An upgrade to the lighting and more effective extraction was also requested.
A welcome spot was added for visitors near the entrance door, so we added a peninsula with a circular end in a ceramic surface by Pyrolave which became a hospitality table. For a fresh look we went a bit Japanese, introducing translucency in the light and shadows. This is a well-crafted kitchen for serious cooking supported by carefully made furniture. Alex Zdankowicz’s handmade tiles work like a ceramic painting and reflect garden light, an effect aided by a specialist paint finish created by Sarah Patey. The new cabinetry has a low sheen, with a natural finish applied to ash and maple wood.
Losing the more traditional hob reduced cleaning. It also made food preparation feel seamless and the work surface space more generous. Alongside the refreshed aesthetics and new light reflection, the ‘wise’ old pieces built twenty years ago look handsome and subtly reimagined. 

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