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bespoke unfitted kitchen furniture

Long Island

Luxury custom made central island 

The clients here came to Johnny Grey Studios because they had a difficult configuration of rooms that included awkward sizes and corridor connections, often a feature of historic houses. Doors and windows were in the wrong places with no access to the garden terrace and they wanted a kitchen and living room rolled into one. We applied to the planning authorities to remove an ancient wall and create a fence door to the garden.

As the house is Grade II listed this was a sensitive application managed by JGS.


The historic status of the building carried spatial constrictions but we turned this to our advantage by creating a long narrow island. The family, including three teenagers, use the room together. Particularly in the evenings with three laptops open and competition for space, they appreciate the island's generous proportions. We complemented the medieval atmosphere of the interior with warm colours and glowing textures. The light dresser, placed in a dark corner, acts as a giant lampshade as well as providing storage.

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