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Multipurpose Outdoor Kitchen

High end multipurpose kitchen design

The naming of multipurpose rooms is a regular challenge these days. When a kitchen is not just a kitchen what do you call it? What about a room in a building that was recently a barn? This outdoor pavilion sits between the house and the pool. The clients, a family of five with three teenagers, wanted a space for a gym, parties, watching TV sports, cooking and eating light meals and serving drinks. The aesthetics had to encompass all these uses. We made a bar from recycled stainless steel sheets and brought in rough-hewn oak surfaces, sawn whitewashed ceiling boards and an easy to clean stone floor that looks aged.

The sink and cabinetry are placed between brick piers with wooden draining boards and designed for hard work. Artisans helped us out. Handmade tiles snake up the walls like out of control columns made by Alex Zdankowicz. Aline Johnson’s glass chandelier over the table is a dangling bundle of colour.  Shell artist Blott Kerr-Wilson ‘painted’ a wall with mussel and abalone shells that reflect light in a swirling pattern around a new circular window. The horses can be viewed grazing in their paddock through this portal.  Sliding doors open to the terrace and convert the room into a loggia during warm summer days. 

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