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soft geometry - curved kitchen sink

Wild wood furniture

High quality, bespoke kitchen design


Johnny was inspired to bring yew, a rare and ancient timber, into their new kitchen after a walk with these clients in nearby woods. We made fine yew veneer for the drum cupboards, the key furniture elements in this design. Associated with churchyards and earthy magical powers, this wood is fine and silky to touch with dark brown waves and reddish streaks like wine stains. The clients love it so much they changed the name of their home to include it in the title.


A large room like this one is generous but also brings the challenge of distance. To keep the space together we made a long sinuous island, as much inspired by the nearby rolling hills and woodland as a desire to create easy movement. We employed ‘soft geometry’, Johnny’s design technique that eliminates sharp corners and makes for a more relaxed way of negotiating an island in the middle of a room. A keen cook, our client wanted to keep her large appliance collection out of sight. We tucked it away in a circular worktop cupboard that is both storage and adjacent work surface ready for serious cooking.

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