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Futuristic sculpture kitchen island

Futuristic sculpture

Custom designed, handmade kitchen


Clients with a young family asked us to design something radical: a kitchen that looked and felt more like a piece of art or sculpture than a regular kitchen.


We kept all signs of messy food preparation concealed behind translucent doors made of recycled acrylic in the corner cooking pantry where pre-cooking could be done with the kids and food stored. Included alongside the worktops are a dishwasher and microwave; proximity to the island makes for fast transfer between this and the other public cooking zone. Here the cantilevered island extends towards the garden leaving plenty of space around it for social gathering. It is also the site of a distinct core culinary area. The curved edge of the island wraps around the cook as s/he performs light work in view of family and guests. Access to the balcony is open and easy.


The futuristic aesthetic is complemented with cutting-edge technology. High-performance glass on the island is heat and scratch resistant and matches the ceramic induction hob. Knife-slots inserted in wave-like stainless steel work surfaces allowed us to create complex curved shapes, keeping the seamless design free from any clutter. 

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