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High end Kitchen design

Kitchen of a floating world

High end, custom designed kitchen


Glass walls and open vistas in this modern pavilion space presented us with interesting challenges when designing a practical family kitchen. With very few walls to position furniture around we devised a freestanding culinary zone shaped as a crescent, pivoting it around the walk-in pantry. The decorative cupboards at the tea/coffee station float on their wall and disguise the light features. Their contrasting sizes and shapes are a bright and interesting wall feature as well as providing essential storage.


An unexpected feature is that when you first enter this Kent house a hint of the kitchen is visible down a series of steps and through two rooms. It is flagged up by the drum dishwasher cupboard with its hand-painted artwork. This is a kitchen for living your life in. The clients do music practice and dancing here while also feeling part of their garden through the glass doors.

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