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contemporary kitchen design

A play of colours and textures

Contemporary design, custom painted kitchen

A design like this meets a multitude of family needs. Time for a sit-down lunch? Want to assemble an Ottolenghi recipe or two? You will definitely need to sit down! Arranged around a circular peninsula with a push-button motor to change work surface heights, there is always a tabletop ready for action. Or you can raise the level to lay out Mediterranean hors d’oeuvres and stand around the island for a predinner drink with friends. The kitchen is organised to offer maximum versatile surfaces, all close to the culinary area where you can also cook while sitting down if desired.


A palette of contrasting materials was requested by the client, who decided to move beyond traditional aesthetic choices. The hand-cast concrete stem of the island contrasts with the dark walnut sink cabinet, which works visually a bit like one of the items of antique furniture in the neighbouring sitting room. The fine stainless-steel gantry and handles, along with bright pink colours, create a fresh contemporary feel.

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