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freestanding kitchen island

Project - Hampstead



pyrolave kitchen island with seamless induction ring

This historic space in an early Georgian terrace with wainscot panelling called for kitchen furniture with no fixings - no fitted cupboards, no intrusive attachments to walls or ceiling.

We showcased the architectural history by carefully restoring the old pine floor to close any gaps between the boards and retouching the wainscot panelling and shutters.

kitchen sink, plate rack, cabinets

The airy yet intimate space overlooking the garden made this the perfect setting for freestanding kitchen furniture. 
The hob, sink and upper cupboard are mounted on a floating wall concealing all the services behind a pearlescent film of handcrafted tiles.

On either side cabinets contain the oven and dishwasher at the perfect user height with a handy parking surface above each one. The kitchen island, with its seamless induction ring in the Pyrolave surface, structures the space and guides movement. One end of the island height-adjusts at a touch to become the perfect bar, snack table or work surface.

appliance garage

Appliances are plugged in and waiting inside a backlit cabinet, providing both targeted work surface and storage that are easily concealed behind a curved tambour door.


Unpacked groceries have their own perching spot on a low shelf in front of the fridge and above willow storage baskets. 

We should say a special word about the lighting. Designed with Kate Beard, the plan was for the kitchen to feel like a sitting room. Pockets of targeted light, mimicking old fashioned lamps, were created using LEDs on umbrella-like storks from the furniture itself, all on dimmers. The room is intimate at night but well-lit for cooking tasks. No ceiling lights were necessary

raised dishwasher
court cupboard and fridge
Kitchen sink, backsplash and plate rack

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