This project develops a new concept, the multi-generational kitchen, a space for all ages and abilities where three generations cook, eat and live together. We created a long, thin ‘do-everything’ island of compact surfaces, allowing up to six people to prepare food and eat or chat, read or use their laptops. Two seats fold out under swivelling tabletops to boost children’s height. Alternatively, these seats let older members of the household rest or perch while working at the counter. A rise-and-fall table surface at the seaside end accommodates people standing or alternatively sitting by bringing up a stool, making a friendly offer to eat, share a meal, use a device or have a snack at any time of day. 

The room glows with the natural sea light of its setting and also from the backlit Corian surface on the island’s infrastructure. As well as being easy to clean and warm to touch, the surface acts like a large lantern, giving the kitchen a magical atmosphere in the evening.  The oak shelves contoured to act as organising method for a family collection of archeological finds and books also form part of the granite wall. We used two locally sourced granites to provide linear patterns and to reflect dappled sea light. These compliment Alex Zdandowicz’s fresh blue and white tiles on the opposite side of the room which bounce light back at any time of day or night.