Whether it is younger kids or a grandfather wanting to cook a meal or a quick breakfast needing preparing and eating, a design like this meets a multitude of family demands. Arranged around a circular peninsula with a push-button motor to change work surface heights, there is always a tabletop ready for action.


Almost time for a sit-down tea? Want to assemble an Ottolenghi recipe (or two)? You will definitely need to sit down! Alternatively you can lay out Mediterranean hors d’ouvres and stand around this island for a predinner drink with friends. The kitchen is organised to offer maximum versatile surfaces, all close to the cooking area where you can also cook while sitting down if you need to.


A simple palette of contrasting materials was requested by the client, who decided to move a little beyond traditional aesthetic choices. The pale, hand-cast concrete stem of the island contrasts with the dark walnut sink cabinet, which works visually a bit like an item of the antique furniture in the neighbouring sitting room. The fine stainless steel gantry and handles, along with bright pink colours, create a fresh contemporary feel.