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Trekstock Sanctuary Room

JGS has been involved in a new kind of project designing a retreat room for young adult cancer patients at UCL Hospital. Known as the Sanctuary Room, this is a smallish space that transports its users away from the clinical environment into a zone of enclosed safety and aesthetic richness. To create the right feeling we worked with the idea of a luxury railway compartment in the Orient Express. There is wooden panelling, as well as artworks and comfortable sofas. A virtual window shows moving images of nature and other content. It is designed to boost patients’ wellbeing in a different way to the wonderful, essential work of UCLH doctors, nurses and other care staff.

The Trekstock Sanctuary Room contains the first use of natural wood in a cancer ward. In addition to providing a link to nature, there is something wonderfully soothing about wood. Its use is part of the careful design consideration given to every element of the Sanctuary.

Trekstock is fundraising right now for this project. With kind people’s support, young adults’ experience of cancer treatment can be transformed at this pivotal point in their lives. In this room we hope they can find the extra boost they need to cope with one of the toughest challenges any of us might face. You can donate here.

Trekstock Sanctuary Room design plan

Retreat room (artist's illustration)


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