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The South Downs Food Festival

Our inaugural South Downs Food Festival is for all the family. Aficionados of delicious food and champagne will be able to spend the day in a magical pop-up village on the terraces of beautiful Stansted House. With their five-mile views the grounds are perfect for the Big Lunch or a picnic. To nourish the mind, we will be holding a programme of live talks on the on the history and future of British food. Cookery demonstrations will be on throughout the day.


A central piazza will house food outlets, trucks and the grand canvas pop-in pub. Stroll down Makers’ Avenue for cooking equipment stalls and handcrafted kitchenware stands. Johnny’s Unfitted kitchen is going to be on display in its very own pagoda. The main house will be open to the public with an Elizabeth David Exhibition and live demonstration in the old kitchens.


Whether learning how to build a bread oven is your thing, sipping champagne and talking to friends and family, or enjoying cup of carefully brewed tea on the terrace, a grand day out is guaranteed.



South Downs Food festival logo

14th & 15th of September 2024 

Stansted Park - Rowlands Castle,

Hampshire, PO9 6DX

10:30 AM to 5:00  PM


The South Downs Food Festival has been set up by Fred Duncannon, trustee of the Stansted Park Foundation and proprietor of the estate’s farm shop; Aleramo Lanza is co-founder of Global Events Co Lanza & Baucina and works with leading chefs; Johnny Grey is a kitchen designer, writer and literary executor of the Elizabeth David Trust.

Our vision is to support local artisanal food and wine producers, to inspire inventive cooking and healthy eating, and to protect nature by supporting sustainable farming.


We also wish to explore the revival of British food culture and create conversations around the pleasures and future of food. A presiding spirit over the festival is the late cookery writer Elizabeth David.

South Downs Food Festival information 2024
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