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why should sabres have all the fun?

Is your kitchen a bit on the dark side? Our Light Dresser – launched three years ago – was born out of that problem. This is both a large lampshade and traditional dresser that provides stylish open storage.

With the inspiration and help of designers Light IQ we have added a light spectrum to help reduce seasonal affected disorder, known as SAD syndrome. So you can switch on and light up your mood.

Katrina Burroughs ‘Freestanding and flexible kitchens can be put together fairly inexpensively, but they are also the focus of bespoke makers, design-artists such as Johnny Grey who specialises in living spaces in which you cook. A kitchen island in the shape of a shoe? A family food preparation area complete with a children’s workbench? Nothing simpler for Professor Grey, the man to be the recipient of the first tranche of my winnings’.

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