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Smart Kitchen Summit - Seattle USA 2016

Smart Kitchen Summit Oct 5-6th; Happier Futures at Bucks New University

Smart Kitchen Summit Seattle USA 2016


Johnny is all set to speak again at the Smart Kitchen Summit in Seattle on October 5-6th. Choreographing the Emotionally Smart Kitchen, has been written especially for the event. Jill Adam Mcdonough, marketing strategist, is collaborating with Johnny to introduce new insights into how the kitchen can be both smart and an emotionally satisfying place for all generations. Video contributions are being made by Prof Peter Gore, Newcastle University's Institute of Ageing, Prof John Zeisel, author of Enquiry by Design and I'm Still Here; Devin Alexander, celebrity chef and coach.

The event is being sponsored by Dacor, the appliance company.

FOR THOSE IN UK Happier futures: interpreting the opportunities and recent research for a new approach to ageing at home.

Johnny has invited Peter Gore, Professor of Practice in Ageing and Vitality, from Newcastle University's Institute for Ageing to talk at Bucks New University on October 14th. There a few free tickets available - contact Julia


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