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THE NEW YORK TIMES: Everyone into the kitchen

Welcome NYT readers to Johnny Grey Studios – where we campaign for more exciting, more relevant kitchen design – and then make it happen. Kitchens are recreational spaces. Eye contact while you cook we do as basic; our planning allows for you to ‘flow’ around kitchen with easy body movement. Want to view your food properly after it’s cooked and is ready for serving? We always include a long food bar, a key part of the design. Like to chat while you cook? We provide perching points at strategic places.

We build kitchens throughout America – with offices on the East and West Coast, as well as all over the world, (see our portfolio pages).

If you love cooking, enjoy entertaining, want to eat outside and like the idea your garden being part of your kitchen you have arrived at the right place.

To contact our UK office call + 44 (0) 1730 821 424


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