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Kitchen Conversations


The small and stylish Pimlico café Tomtom is the venue for my first ‘kitchen conversation’ with anyone who wants to come along. This is an idea I’ve had for some time, waiting to put into action. I’ll bring my laptop and tell some stories and we can explore the idea of the happy kitchen, listen to a few grievances and think together how to turn them to advantage. You’re most welcome to bring photos and tell us what make houses special. Coffee, tea and later wine will be served.

When I recently met Tom Assheton, proprietor of Tomtom (I designed his kitchen some years ago) he suggested hosting such an event. Café conversation, characterized by a openness possible with strangers, was one reason for the success of new public meeting spaces in the 17th century, coffee houses, exemplified by Pepys and his Covent Garden room upstairs. Today we have many neighborhood cafés but don’t use them for the relaxed exchange of ideas. My idea is to recreate that spirit with a hosted conversation to get people talking together on a topic of mutual interest.

As space is limited please call to register at Tomtom 020 7730 1771 or email Time and place: 4.30 pm 20 March 2012, Tomtom’s, corner of Ebury and Elizabeth Streets SW1, cost: £15 at the door.

——————————————————————————————— Those interested in the tradition of café sociability and authors who have written on it should check out this USA booklist. A favourite of mine is The Third Space by Ray Oldenburgh, which even gave a name to a political movement, The Third Way.


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