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Kitchens Where Every Last Detail Is Weighed and Measured - Washington Post April 10, 2009

Check out columnist Katherine Salant’s recent piece, “Kitchens Where Every Last Detail Is Weighed and Measured”, in the April 10 edition of the Washington Post.

She eloquently explains how Johnny’s unconventional approach differs from traditional American kitchen design:

Grey’s unconventional kitchens are a radical departure from conventional American ones. They feature jazzy colors, original artwork, playful, custom cabinetry best described as “sculptural” and work areas that are carefully tailored to a client’s measurements.

She continues:

American kitchen designers tend to box up everything behind closed cabinet doors, but Grey prefers open storage adjacent to the place where an item is used. He maintains this is more convenient, eliminates unnecessary movement and makes the space feel lived in. He puts plate racks above the dishwasher, open racks below a cooktop for large pots and hooks above it for cooking utensils or smaller pots.

Also check out her September 20, 2008 Washington Post piece - Kitchen Design That Evokes and Invites Movement - on our Dexter kitchen at the Showtime Showcase House in New York last autumn.


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