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A Design Treat -Tim Walker’s photographs or Richard Rogers buildings?

Why does design always have to be so serious? Our UK design team went to the Design Museum in London last week and saw the Richard Rogers exhibition. Wonderful models of his projects from early systems built houses, to T5 and Bordeaux Law Courts, meet serious slogans on design. In bodily terms this was followed by a short ascent up a flight of stairs to the Tim Walker photography exhibiton. Suddenly the smiles on our faces widened and the fantasy element of his eye-and-brain catching images sent us into an even more wonderful and happier world. Our currenr enthusiasm for the realm where design meets-art meets-fantasy was brilliantly satisfied. Design Art is where you take function as near to art as possible – only with Tim Walker its where design meets fun, pleasure or sheer Mad-Hatters Tea Party. The more miserable we become with thoughts of recession the more I think designing people kitchen interiors needs to fill that mental space where homes play an escapist role. If I wanted to guess what members of the public would be inspired by most I would have to say Tim Walker.


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