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Why don’t you stay a little bit longer?

One advantage of the reduction of house prices now happening is that it makes us think more about connecting with our homes again – they become a place with which are going to have a long term relationship. The investment factor becomes less and we will be forced to consider enjoying it once again. A return to these traditional values is welcome. Several other advantages spring to mind including more time spent in the garden fixing it up and perhaps getting a veggie plot in as well. Good for health and stomachs. Another option is building a pergola or an area for Al Fresco eating. It’s a fantastic way to bring us into an outdoor room. Less ugly uncomfortable and ill used conservatories.

Secondly more cared for house – inside and out. I often think DIY has been high- jacked by the makeover mentality. Maintenance is one, big, important element of your relationship to your surroundings. Designers and home dwellers need to choose finishes and materials that can be maintained and age gracefully. Less PVC, more wood, natural paints and home made shelves, furniture, benches, blinds and linoleum.

Thirdly, the longer we stay in our homes the more we increase our connection to our neighbourhood. This makes for more inter-household support, less crime and better quality local activities.


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