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Happy eco kitchens and not a miserabilist in sight

The word eco attached to an article, product of service has become a turn-off, a moral obligation to read rather than a pleasure must continue kind of momentum. This is not to deny the importance of doing our bit to reduce carbon foot print. So mentioning the idea of designing an eco kitchen to the studio team the other day did not bring the normal enthusiasm that we get when we talk of starting a new project? The reason is that most eco projects have a slightly miserablist messages behind them. There are lots of good, exciting and enjoyable elements to the Eco-thought Zone. First it is a chance to use the imagination of a natural kind attached to ideas of longevity, quality and respect for nature; its is about things made well, slowly and with pride; it is about using renewable resources when it comes to energy. This suits anybody in love with timber, sunlight and harmony with nature (think William Morris or is true that it also about low energy or reminders of the Arts and Crafts period makes us think greenness is attractive. Why should eco mean cheapness and reductive down at heal scrimping when it should mean a release from the world of rat race competitiveness and devoid of human imaginative sensuality.


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