Kitchen Philosophy
Unique Luxurious kitchen

How about a living room in which you can cook?

With ever increasing demands on our time, families seek ways to encourage a more sociable environment at home. Cooking has changed along with our lifestyles, and the the home's central gathering place has changed along with it.
Although we still refer to this room as a "kitchen", we deliver much more than this word implies.

Johnny Grey kitchens are perhaps best described as living spaces in which you cook. Much of our current work involves adapting homes to meet the desire for light and creating open plan living environments that unite social, practical functions and the outdoors in one multi-functional hub.

Eco Friendly Kitchens

Love your kitchen

We want people to love being in their kitchens. By promoting sociability and a relaxed lifestyle, we help our clients feel happy. We establish a "sweet spot" - a perching point - that enables you to have views over the table, landscape, entrance or fireplace while preparing a meal. Seeing the sunset while you cook is a luxury in itself.

This might be combined with a raised food bar or leaning platform so that company comes to you while you work. Eye contact with anyone else in the kitchen leads to easy, informal conversations. And a happy cook brings in delicious meals and a warm atmosphere in every sense.

Hardwired Kithen Philosophy

Instinct-based design

Johnny has coined this phrase after working with neuroscientist John Zeisel and authors Daniel Goleman (Emotional Intelligence) and Rita Carter (Mapping the Mind). Johnny Grey Studios applies their insights to our design of living spaces to generate well-being in people's homes.

We work with a clear understanding that humans have many hard-wired emotional and psychological needs. People feel more comfortable if they can see visitors approaching; a hearth or fireplace induces basic feelings of sociability and comfort; and some of the smells of cooking, such as bread baking and coffee, evoke homeyness and pleasure.

Beautiful Natural Kitchen Designs

Bringing the outdoors in

The outdoor space of the garden is often viewed as the room adjacent to the kitchen. In many projects, we begin by strengthening the link between kitchen and garden, for example putting in French doors. Natural light and outdoor views relax the brain and set one's body clock to the natural rhythm of the day. Adding a terrace for al fresco living helps the garden become an extension of the kitchen.

Adding a terrace for al fresco living helps the garden become an extension of the kitchen. A carefully placed pergola creates an outdoor room and provides a means of shade on hot days. In addition, we consider the arc of the sun's penetration into the kitchen when positioning a table or work area.

Luxury Eco Kitchen

Sustainability and provenance

Sustainable kitchens are not just about energy-saving appliances and green-sourced materials. We believe it is green to use creativity in making a place that people love being in and which will last for years. Durability and longevity are a major part of sustainability. By ignoring fads, we remove the need for a replacement as it goes out of fashion.

We work with local artisans whenever possible and maintain the highest standard of craftsmanship. In short, our kitchens should happily see antique status!