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A whole ground floor becomes one: the kitchen rules! This is what happened when JGS opened the ground floor all the way from the garden courtyard to the hallway.

The Arts and Crafts house offered an ideal setting for this approach with its generously-scaled entrance hall providing a sense of occasion in its welcome. The double height hall ceiling enhanced the sense of arrival.

The kitchen furniture design echoed the period values through visible craftsmanship using a mixture of handmade and modern production techniques. By stitching together simply mixed scale, square and round cabinetry, we constructed a kitchen that reflected a furniture lover’s use of contemporary design.


The island was inspired by Johnny’s childhood spent playing with Lego, and especially the satisfaction of components fitting snugly together. This offers a compact way of fusing the functions into modules, pleasurable and diverse in use.


As in most of our kitchens the stove sits firmly in the middle of the room in recognition of the cook’s central role, affording his or her work and skill a kind of special recognition.
A low-level surface invites children or adults to take a seat for moment’s pause.

Even in the centre of the kitchen this welcoming provision enhances everyone’s experience of the kitchen. You are not in the way in a busy working space if a place has been made for you there.
The use of a subtle variety woods, from Mazur Birch drawer fronts to walnut highlights and pale sycamore surface highlights, to colours on key elements, contrast the wood finishes, keeping them fresher.


The higher-level drum table and its circular end-grain block and backup surface dominate the kitchen like a trig point or summit in a landscape. The cook becomes the seer!
A kitchen can benefit from a hierarchy. A few dominant spots and star pieces that offer easy eye contact help show order and create easy circulation. Simplicity of planning is hard to achieve, but something we were lucky enough to achieve in this generous spirited kitchen.

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