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May 30, 2016

It’s no secret to my friends that I had a close relationship with my aunt, who was my mentor. Two weeks ago I was asked by English Heritage to represent the family by unveiling a blue plaque on her house in Halsey Street. I enjoyed many memorable visits, ate delicious...

March 4, 2013

Historically, not a great many people wanted to emulate vegetarians.  They were seen as cranky dinner party pests, also sentimental, moralistic, and only attractive to each other – the men with their wispy beards and sandals, the hairy women.  And their taste standards...

December 22, 2010

This week we’re posting excerpts from Elizabeth David’s Christmas. Here’s Elizabeth’s take on how to keep it simple at Christmas*:

If I had my way – and I shan’t – my Christmas Day eating and cooking would consist of an omelet and cold ham and a nice bottle of wine at l...

December 21, 2010

This week, we’ll be posting a few of Johnny’s favorite recipes from Elizabeth David’s Christmas in the spirit of the holidays. Send us your photos of Elizabeth’s dishes in your kitchen and we’ll post them on Grey Matters. Happy Cooking!

It is not generally known that pu...

November 1, 2010

Johnny Grey Studios is turning 30. I have long wanted to thank my clients for their tremendous believe in my work and that of the Johnny Grey Studios. I owe my livelihood to them over the last 30 years. I also had a sneaking suspicion that they might like to meet each...

March 12, 2010

“Cooking is an art. By art I mean a lot of creativity and some necessary chaos. Food is a natural product and whatever is natural comes with surprising and unruly elements.”

So wrote Jeanette Winterton in Saturday’s Guardian in an article entitled “For the Love of Food...

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